Tuesday, 5 February 2013

'Natured Kids Dinosaur Dig'

A young fossil finding crew of 1-6 year olds from the Mornington Peninsula, are on a mission to learn more about a local dinosaur, the Qantassaurus.

This small, bipedal, dinosaur, 6ft long and 3 ft high, lived in the forests of Victoria around 115 million years ago. The Qantassaurus lived alongside a diversity of other dinosaurs, reptiles, mammals, fish, turtles, birds, flying reptiles, marine reptiles and invertebrates.

Fossilised bones belonging to this herbivorous dinosaur were first discovered in 1996, at the annual 'Dinosaur Dreaming Dig' currently underway, in the coastal town of Inverloch.

While 25 professional Scientists, Geologists, Palaeontologists and volunteers are on a mission to retrieve undiscovered dinosaurs, children who attend the Natured Kids outdoor playgroup will be re-creating mini habitats for dinosaurs and delighting in their own 'dino dig'.

See  www.naturedkids.com  for more details.

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